Slide Control is an iPad music application for musicians. This application makes improvisation easier. You can choose any scale (major, minor, pentatonic, blues ...) and slide your finger to play any melody. With Slide Control it does not have bad grades, your movements are in harmony. Easier to play !! Easier to improvise !! Easier to create !! More imagination!!

Very simple application for very simple improvisation Video tutorial Include

Video community page (you can send your video)

Many scale for best improvising (major, minor, pentatonic, blues ...)

Polyphonic Control

Support of virtual midi for communicate with other musical apps

Choose from 60 different wallpaper (thanks to robert handline)

Program change/ Bank change

All Midi CC support on Y direction

16 Midi channel

Quick switch Sustain / Partamento / Legato

Quick switch Oct +1

Pitch Bend

Glissendo in Midi !! (Exclusive function)

Switch mod

Velocity capable

Panic button

MIDI Device support - connect devices via the Camera Connection Kit (near zero latency)


Slide Control Demo :

Slide Control Blast by Matt Hooper :

Slide Control Demo by :

Slide Control Feature :

Slide Control improvisation by Stoparach :

Good sound with Slide Control Glissendo by Javier: